Jakarta - Hutama Karya officially inagurate the President Commissioner and a new Deputy President Commissioner as the company's management (07/02). This decree is contained in a decree of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises As the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company PT Hutama Karya Number: SK-45/MBU/02/2020 dated February 7, 2020, concerning Dismissal and Appointment of Members of the Company's Board of Commissioners. Located in the office of the Ministry of SOEs, Plt. Deputy of the Construction and Facilities and Transportation Infrastructure Business Sector, Liliek Mayasari directly appointed Budiman as President Commissioner and Susdiyarto Agus Praptono as Deputy Chief Commissioner of Hutama Karya.

Therefore, the formation of the Board of Commissioners of Hutama Karya currently changes to be as follows:

  1. Budiman (President Commissioner)

  2. Susdiyarto Agus Praptono (Deputy Chief Commissioner)

  3. Adityawarman (Commissioner)

  4. Chairiah (Commissioner)

  5. Musyafak (Commissioner)

  6. Achmad Gani Ghazali (Commissioner)

  7. Wahyu Muryadi (Independent Commissioner)

The handover of this position was also attended directly by Adityawarman, Achmad Gani Ghazali, and Chairiah as commissioners of Hutama Karya and the entire board of directors of Hutama Karya.

Budiman was a former Army Chief of Staff in 2013. He was also the best graduate of the Indonesian Military Academy in 1978 and received the Adhi Makayasa award, then graduated from the 1994 Seskoad and the TNI Sesko in 2001. While Susdiyarto Agus Praptono began his career in the field of law. He is a former Kajati Riau in 2015, in 2016 was appointed as The chief high prosecutor-general of South Sumatra and most recently served as Secretary of the Deputy Attorney General for Development in 2019.

The presence of the President Commissioner and Deputy President Commissioner received positive responses from the extended family of Hutama Karya. Congratulations from the Hutama Insan also become the opening gift at the beginning of the office.

"Congratulations on joining the extended family of Hutama Karya Pak Budiman and Pak Susdiyarto. Hopefully, we can provide inputs that build and carry out the supervisory function, so that they are able to work together in developing Hutama Karya, especially in the construction of JTTS that will be completed in 2024, "said Bintang Perbowo as the President Director of Hutama Karya.

The presence of these two figures with their brilliant careers helped to form a solid foundation that can break down the flow of construction in the technological era. As well as assisting in accelerating the work on the Trans-Sumatra Toll Road megaproject, so that it can be in line with Hutama Karya's dream to become a leading infrastructure in Indonesia.

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