JAKARTA - PT Hutama Karya (Persero) will continue to conduct operations on overloaded vehicles that fall into the Over Dimension and Over Load (ODOL) categories. This is Hutama Karya's commitment to continue the campaign titled "Selamat Sampai Tujuan" which is intended to enforce the rules of driving safely on the toll roads it manages, as well as increasing driver safety awareness in driving on toll roads.

Executive Vice President of the Hutama Karya Toll Road Operation and Maintenance Division, J. Aries Dewantoro said that the ODOL raids will be carried out routinely in all toll roads managed by Hutama Karya starting in early 2020 and will be completed by the end of the year. The raid is related to various parties ranging from Highway Patrol, Traffic Corps, and the local Transportation Agency. "At least twice every time we will conduct raids on all toll roads that we manage well in Trans-Sumatra as well as in the ATP and JORR toll roads in Java. For the location and time, we will randomly rotate regularly, "said Aries.

Aries further discussed that this campaign was done not only to increase driving safety awareness but also to decrease the number of accidents, and improve the quality of the toll road so that it can still provide comfort for the driver. "The Trans-Sumatra is a new toll road, so we must maintain the quality of this toll road properly. Now if we do ATP and JORR S, we will conduct this raid as a preventative measure to prevent road damage caused by ODOL trucks, " continued Aries.

Previously, Hutama Karya had kicked off the ODOL vehicle action by cooperating with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of Republic of Indonesia's Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT) on Monday (1/27) in the Tanjung Priok Toll Road Access Section KM60. In addition to taking action on the ground, a massive campaign to ban ODOL vehicles from entering toll roads has also been carried out, ranging from campaigns on social media to billboards, banners, VMS, and more.

Furthermore, for the Bakauheni - Terbanggi Besar (Bakter) toll road, Hutama Karya has used the latest technology to filter ODOL vehicles using a special tool called WIM (Weight in Motion). WIM is a dynamic weighing tool to weigh the weight of a moving vehicle and also gives results on whether a moving vehicle is having an overcapacity or not.

"We have installed the WIM tool at the Bakauheni Selatan Toll Gate, Lampung. The WIM installed has also been tested jointly with the Lampung Transportation Office and the Lampung Highway Police, "said Aries. The way WIM works is that after the vehicle passes WIM and been declared overloaded, the automatic vehicle cannot conduct transactions at the entrance gate. Furthermore, this driver will get a receipt containing information about the vehicle and assistance for the nearest toll gate. "Regarding the use of WIM, we will disseminate information to road users within the next three months," concluded Aries.

SEVP Corporate Secretary

PT Hutama Karya (Persero)

Muhammad Fauzan

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