JAKARTA - Accelerating and continuing infrastructure development are one of President Joko Widodo's visions for Indonesia 2019-2024. Where it is expected that the interconnection of infrastructure with small areas, Special Economic Zones, tourism, agricultural rice fields, and fisheries, can encourage Indonesia to be more productive, competitive, and flexible in facing dynamic, shocking and risky global challenges.

The construction of the Trans-Sumatra Toll Road itself is a strategic project for all parties, especially the people of Sumatra who are looking forward to the toll road coming soon to their area. PT Hutama Karya (Persero) (Hutama Karya) continues to focus on completing the JTTS construction assignment. This toll road that connects Lampung to Aceh will pass through 24 Trans Sumatra Toll Roads, covering approximately 2,765 km, with priority on 8 sections along approximately 614 km.

After completing the construction of several sections that have been in operation, one focus of JTTS construction in 2020 is the Pekanbaru-Padang Section with a length of 254.80 km. This section is a connecting corridor connecting Riau Province and West Sumatra, which consists of 6 (six) sections, namely Section I Padang-Sicincin (36.15km), Section II Sicincin-Bukittinggi (38km), Section III Bukittinggi-Payakumbuh (34km), Section IV Payakumbuh-Pangkalan (58km), Section V Pangkalan-Bangkinang (56km) and Section VI Bangkinang-Pekanbaru (38km).

"We have started construction of the Pekanbaru-Padang toll road section I since President Jokowi's presence conducted a groundbreaking on February 9, 2018. Until now, only 1.3 km of construction can only be constructed, but the land acquisition process is still hampered. Our hope in the future development can be rapid progress, supported by the Synergy of Acceleration of Development from the West Sumatra Regional Police, the local Provincial Government and other parties, "explained Bintang Perbowo, President Director of Hutama Karya, during a meeting at the West Sumatra Regional Police Headquarters (17/1), together with the Sumatran Regional Police Chief Barat, Inspector General Toni Hermanto and Member of the House of Representatives Commission VI Andre Rosiade, Operations Director I Hutama Karya, Suroto, Senior Executive Vice President Corporate Secretary Hutama Karya, Muhammad Fauzan and Senior Executive Vice President of the Hutama Karya Toll Road Development Division, Agung Fajarwanto.

At present, the acquisition of land in the Padang-Sicncin toll road is a challenge in itself, where the plan is that this toll road will pass through 5 Districts and 15 Nagari in the Padang Pariaman Regency. However, efforts by all parties continue to be made so that this toll road can be realized, one of which is by synergizing the Acceleration of Development Implementation with the help of the West Sumatra Regional Police and relocation of the Padang-Sicincin toll road section.

Senior Executive Vice President of the Hutama Karya Toll Road Development Division, Agung Fajarwanto explained that the relocation of the toll road tract was carried out due to some resistance from residents, so the planning process had to be repeated including the land acquisition process.

"The initial plan was the 30.4 km Padang-Sicincin toll road, but now it has changed to 36.15km. because residents in Nagari Sungai Abang, Nagari Lubuk Alung, and Nagari Sicincin reject their land being released because it is a high heritage land and productive land. " clear the Dawn.

The construction of the Pekanbaru-Padang toll road is expected to soon be built so that it will impact the economic growth of the people in West Sumatra and Riau in particular, both from the tourism, agriculture, culinary sectors and also, of course, can cut the travel time from Padang to Pekanbaru, so that it is shorter.

"Until the end of 2019, Hutama Karya has built 548 km of the Trans Sumatra Toll Road with 364 km of fully operational toll roads, namely the Bakauheni section - Terbangi Besar 140 km, the Terbangi Besar section - Pematang Panggang - Kayu Agung along 189 km, section Medan-Binjai is 13 km long, and Palembang-Indralaya section is 22km long,” explained Bintang.

The Bakauheni Section to Kayu Agung, which is the link between Java and Sumatra, was connected in November 2019 and the benefits have been felt directly by the community and economic activists. "We can learn from the Bakauheni section to Kayu Agung, after connecting, the distance from Lampung to Palembang is only 4-5 hours, which was previously 11-12 hours. Speed ​​up travel time and expedite logistics flow,” explained Bintang.



Until now, the progress of the construction of the Pekanbaru-Dumai toll road has reached an average of 90 percent for all sections. The toll road segment with a length of 131km and divided into 6 sections are targeted for completion of construction before the Lebaran Mudik 2020.


"The progress of the Pekanbaru-Dumai toll road is fast enough, the land acquisition process is almost 100 percent so construction can also be fast. We are targeting Lebaran homecoming can be used by the community "continued Bintang.

For Section 1 itself, from the Pekanbaru-GT Minas Toll Gate (GT) along 9.5 Km, it was opened functionally during the 2019 Christmas Mudik Flow and 2020 New Year yesterday, from December 23, 2019, to January 2, 2020, and has been traversed until 40,518 vehicles of class I (Non-Bus).


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PT Hutama Karya (Persero)

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