Jakarta - Starting its glorious record in 2020, PT Hutama Karya (Persero) won several award categories at the A2K4 - Indonesia Construction Safety Awards 2019. Together with its subsidiary engaged in the manufacturing and precast industry, PT Hakaaston (Hakaaston) also received awards in this prestigious event.

Some of the award categories received included the CEO of Safety Leadership Awards for SOE Contractors awarded to the Main Director of Hutama Karya, Bintang Perbowo; Director of Safety Performance Awards for BUMN Contractors awarded to the Director of Human Capital & Development of Hutama Karya, Putut Ariwibowo; Safety Performance Awards and Safety Innovation Awards for PRAS PRECAST Factory to Hakaaston.

Held at The Ritz Calton Hotel on (15/1), the CEO of the Safety Leadership Awards and Director of Safety Performance Awards were received directly by the Director of Human Capital & Development of Hutama Karya, Putut Ariwibowo. Whereas the Safety Performance Awards and Safety Innovation Awards were received directly by Dindin Solakhuddin as Managing Director of Hakaaaston. Besides Putut and Dindin, this prestigious K3 award was also attended by the Executive Vice President of the QHSE Division, Hutama Karya, Tri Wibowo; Executive Vice President, System & Risk Division, G. Aji Sentosa; to the other Director of Hakaaston, Moh. Alfin Zaini and Mochtar; as well as all representatives from various companies, both BUMN and Private.

Putut Ariwibowo said that Hutama Karya as one of the BUMNs engaged in the infrastructure development industry paid more attention to aspects of work safety.

"We are very concerned about the optimal implementation of QHSE in every work environment in Hutama Karya both at the head office and in the project, especially in the project. This can be seen from one of Hutama Karya's missions to create a safety culture within the company. This award proves that in addition to the building, we can also realize good OSH aspects in every project, "Putut said on the sidelines of the award event.

Hutama Karya himself has begun to discipline in the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System since the beginning of 2018 through commitment and management support by forming new work units namely the Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment (QHSE) Division. Until now, Hutama Karya has carried out many activities to raise safety awareness in working from light matters such as the socialization of the 5R Culture in working to all employees to carrying out On-Site Visit and Management Walkthrough.

"Everything we support so that the safety factor at work can be monitored properly. We also inserted appeals about QHSE into the company's digital channels and company magazines. We also made CEO massages as a form of support from the BoD for the implementation of excellent OSH in Hutama Karya, "Putut added.

In addition to the parent company, K3 aspects are also implemented well in subsidiaries, one of which is Hakaaston.

"Hakaaston is a factory with large equipment, so it is quite close to potential accidents in the work environment. But Hakaaston has good K3 management. Through its paper entitled Prevention of Occupational Diseases by the Management of Concrete Liquid Waste and the Effect of OHS Monitoring and Measurement in enhancing OHS Performance, this is what led them to the award tonight, "concluded Putut.

A2K4-Indonesia Safety Construction Awards (ISCA) in 2019 is a form of appreciation of the Association of Construction Workers Health and Safety Experts - Indonesia (A2K4-Indonesia) to the Construction Services Business Entity that has put maximum effort into implementing the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SMK3). Through the A2K4-Indonesia Safety Construction Awards (ISCA) 2019 award, it is hoped that it will stimulate and enhance the business spirit of the Construction Services Business towards the K3 Culture Improvement which is envisioned, in the face of the industrial revolution 4.0 which has become a big leap for the industrial sector, where information technology and communication is fully utilized.


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