JAKARTA - Welcoming its 59th anniversary, PT Hutama Karya (Persero) for the first time held a competition and appreciation event for media reporters and creative people throughout Indonesia titled Anugerah Hutama 2020. Becoming a pioneer for organizing in the coming years, Anugerah Hutama 2020 raised the big theme "Connecting Goodness through Infrastructure Development" with three sub-themes including:

  1. Infrastructure as a link for the good for forwarding Indonesia.

  2. The Trans-Sumatra Toll Road as The Core For Economy and Tourism in Sumatra.

  3. Judging the Role of Hutama Karya in Infrastructure Development in Indonesia.

Held with a period of competition for 1 (one) full month from Monday (9/3) to Monday (6/4), Anugerah Hutama 2020 consists of four race categories. Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate Secretary Hutama Karya, and Chair of the Anugerah Hutama 2020 Award, Muhammad Fauzan said that the four categories of the competition were divided into 3 (three) categories for media reporters/journalists and 1 (one) category that was open to the public. "So there are journalistic works in print, online media, and photojournalism, all for journalists only. While one category that can be followed by the general public throughout Indonesia is a photo competition with a credible jury. The total prize was 173 million rupiahs, "explained Fauzan.

At present, infrastructure can be said to be an important part of a country, especially in Indonesia which is an archipelago. Infrastructure development can bring various benefits to Indonesia. The influence of infrastructure on the country's economy can be seen in a publication entitled World Development Report. This publication was issued by the World Bank in 1994 which said that an increase in the infrastructure of just one percent could cause GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth of 7% to 44%, a range of very significant figures if it could be maximized.

The increase occurred due to falling logistics costs, the construction of public facilities such as health facilities, education, and other infrastructure, job creation, to the connected connectivity of land, sea, and air are part of the portrait of the effects of infrastructure development. The importance of infrastructure development for the advancement of Indonesia, of course, causes issues and news about infrastructure to be urgently needed, which is in line with the vision of the President of Indonesia, Jokowi, towards forwarding Indonesia.

This is the basis of Hutama Karya to organize the Anugerah Hutama 2020 Award. "We hope that through this event there will certainly be many positive writings and publications that can educate the public, especially regarding the importance of infrastructure development to connect various regions so that open connectivity can have an impact on economic growth that evenly distributed throughout Indonesia," said Fauzan, SEVP Corporate Secretary Hutama Karya added.

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