Through the Trans Sumatra Toll Fin, Hutama Karya presents the Economic Center in South Sumatra

MUARA ENIM - The construction of the Trans Sumatra Toll Road (JTTS) is not only focused on the main corridor that stretches from Bakauheni to Aceh, but the government is also building JTTS fins intending to reduce development disparities between cities on the West Coast and the East Coast of Sumatra. The toll fins consist of 3 (three) supporting corridors namely the Padang-Pekanbaru section, the Kuala Tanjung-Tebing Tinggi-Parapat Sibolga section, and the Sp section. Indralaya-Lubuk Linggau-Bengkulu with a total length of 890 km.

Following the construction that has been carried out in the Lubuk Linggau - Curup - Bengkulu toll road section section 1 namely Bengkulu - Taba Penanjung (Bengtab) along 17.6 km, PT Hutama Karya (Persero) (Hutama Karya) this year has again targeted the construction of other toll roads contained in the Palembang - Bengkulu corridor, namely the Sp. Indralaya - Muara Enim along 119 km.

Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Corporate Secretary Hutama Karya, Muhammad Fauzan explained that the Sp. Indralaya - Muara Enim which is located in South Sumatra Province consists of 2 (two) toll sections, namely section Sp. Indralaya - Prabumulih (65 km) and section Prabumulih - Muara Enim (54 km). "Sp. Toll road section. Indralaya - Muara Enim will be equipped with 3 (three) Interchanges (SS) or interchange namely SS Sp Indralaya, SS Prabumulih, and SS Muara Enim. We hope that the process of land acquisition can run smoothly with minimal obstacles so that construction can be carried out immediately. If construction is fast, the work program can be carried out according to the target and Hutama Karya can again present a toll road for the welfare of the people of South Sumatra. " concluded Fauzan.

Furthermore, Fauzan said that the Location Determination (Block) section of Sp. IndralayaPrabumulih which is divided into 2 (two) stages has been carried out by the Ogan Ilir Regional Government. This includes coordinating with PT Perkebunan Nusantara VII, whose land will be used as part of JTTS. "We have requested permission to be able to immediately carry out construction activities at the PTPN VII land site, together with the land acquisition activities," he said.

For information, the Palembang - Bengkulu toll road corridor itself is divided into 3 (three) toll roads, namely Sp. Indralaya - Muara Enim (119 km), the Muara Enim - Lubuk Linggau toll road (114.5 km) and the Lubuk Linggau - Curup - Bengkulu toll road (95.8 km). Previously, Hutama Karya had completed the construction of the Palembang - Sp toll road. Indralaya is 22 km long and is fully operational.

Quoting from the page, the construction of the toll road Sp. Indralaya - Muara Enim which is located in Muara Enim Regency will provide an important function for increasing the value of connectivity, economy, and agricultural development in the region. The presence of this toll road can also facilitate access to increase regional industry and tourism, as well as facilitate the distribution of goods and services that are increasingly smooth in the South Sumatra region. Also, if connected, the Sp. Indralaya - Muara Enim was allegedly able to cut the travel time from Palembang to Muara Enim which was originally 4 hours to 1.5-2 hours, while Palembang - Bengkulu would later be taken for 4 hours via the toll road.

Following the direction of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) through the Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT), Hutama Karya as the Toll Road Business Entity (BUJT) is targeting the three toll road sections namely Sp. Indralaya - Muara Enim, Muara Enim - Lubuk Linggau, and Lubuk Linggau - Curup - Bengkulu can be completed as a whole in 2022 so that Palembang - Bengkulu can be connected through a fully operational toll road in 2023.

Up until this day, ± 500 km of JTTS toll roads have been built with 368 km of fully operational toll roads. In the middle of this year, Hutama Karya is targeting the completion of JTTS construction in several priority sections including the Pekanbaru - Dumai (131 km) toll road, Sigli - Banda Aceh Section 4 Indrapuri - Blang Bintang (13.5 km) and Medan - Binjai Section 1 Tanjung Mulia - Helvetia (6 km).

SEVP of Corporate Secretary
PT Hutama Karya (Persero)
Muhammad Fauzan

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