As a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) that is fully owned by the government of Republic of Indonesia, Hutama Karya is committed to implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG/Tata Kelola Perusahaan) as one of the main spirits in order to achieve sustainable corporate goals. The application of GCG Practices are based on the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Regulation No. Per-01/MBU/2011 on Implementation of Good Corporate Governance in BUMN is defined as the principles underlying a process and mechanism for managing the company based on legislation and business ethics. Commitment on implementing GCG or GCG Code in the Company is combination of the principle GCG rules, regulations, cultural values, vision and mission, and GCG best practices. The GCG Guidelines that have been arranged to become a reference for Shareholders, Board of Commissioners, Directors, Employees and become a reference for other Stakeholders in dealing with the Company. As well as being a reference for making Company Guidelines and other technical regulations as needed in promoting effective corporate governance.


Purpose of GCG Implementation

  1. Optimizing the value of the Company for Shareholders while paying attention to stakeholders;
  2. Empowering the functions and independence of the Company's Organ so that decision making is based on high moral values and compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  3. Encourage and support development, more prudent, accountable, and responsible management of Company risk in line with GCG principles;
  4. Encouraging the Company to carry out a check and balance mechanism for every function in business processes at each level and function;
  5. Encouraging professional, effective, efficient and cultured management of the Company in order to achieve the Company's vision and mission;
  6. Improving the Company's image nationally and internationally, which has an impact on increasing competitiveness, market confidence, encouraging investment flows and sustainable national economic growth.